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Bitcoin Sports Trade

What is

Bitcoin Sports Trade is a head to head (user vs user) bet matching platform. Our innovative system functions differently than any other sportsbook. You can take bets that other people have placed or you can create a bet for someone else to take.

How does it work?

Choose your contest, pick a point total, pick a bet amount, place bet. There are no set lines like traditional sportsbooks; here you decide exactly what you believe the point total will be and whether you think the player will score OVER or UNDER that total. After you’ve chosen a contest, enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to risk in the appropriate Over or Under bet section, then select the points total and click “Place Bet”. Your bet will be matched with the best available bet; if there isn’t a match available, your bet will remain open until someone takes it. Once the game starts you can place bets live, in-game, while the action unfolds, based on how the contest is going and adjust your bet(s) accordingly.

What are your minimum and maximum bets?

Our minimum bet is .002 BTC. We do not have a maximum bet amount.

What kind of contests do you offer?

Right now we are running baseball and basketball contests. A baseball contest might look like this: DAN HAREN – TOTAL FANTASY POINTS – PITCHER Home vs. MIAMI MARLINS Monday May 12, 2014 10:10PM EST. You would be betting on the over/under of Dan Haren’s total fantasy points scored in this game against the Marlins. A basketball contest might look like this: LEBRON JAMES – TOTAL POINTS + ASSISTS + REBOUNDS Home vs BROOKLYN NETS Wednesday May 14, 2014 7:00PM EST. Here you would be betting on the over/under of LeBron’s total points plus assists plus rebounds sored in this game against the Nets. We show plenty of stats on the contest page to help you determine your best bet. We will be adding more sports, like soccer and hockey, soon.

What kinds of affiliate rewards do you offer and how would I sign up?

To become an affiliate simply sign up for an account and click on the “Affiliate Information” within the “My Account” button. Here you will see your unique affiliate link which you will use to promote our site and earn commissions. Every time you send a referral to our site by having them click YOUR link, and they place a bet, you earn 100% of our service fee of the bet (within your first 30 days of membership). You will earn commissions on every closed bet your referral makes. (Note all bets must be closed in order to collect a service fee) So for example, if your referral makes 10 closed bets (closed bets are completed bets) during a contest, you get 10 commissions for that contest.

You earn 100% commissions for the first 30 days of your membership. After that you can earn up to 50% on every referral simply by sending two (or more) new referrals per 30 days (if this target is not met, the share of your service fee revenue shifts to 25%).